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Hola, Madrid!

TRAVELER’S COMPANY, the creator of TRAVELER’S notebook and other stationery to make every day feel like a journey, will make its next stop in Madrid, Spain. 

More and more stores in Madrid have begun carrying TRAVELER’S notebook in recent years.

Each store’s selection reflects the owner’s taste and personality, and it makes us happy to see TRAVELER’S notebook in stores where such love has been poured into the products and sales floor. We thought it would be great if they created a network and all held TRAVELER’S notebook events at their stores at the same time. We could just picture locals and tourists coming together, walking down the streets of Madrid with their notebooks in their hands. And that gave us the idea for this caravan event.

This event will be held at six stores in Madrid that carry TRAVELER’S notebook

DO DESIGN, a specialty store that has carried TRAVELER’S notebook for seven years

EL MODERNO, a store selling wonderful knick-knacks carefully chosen by the couple who own it.

LA FÁBRICA, a store that carries photo books, art books and design products.

LA CENTRAL, one ofMadrid’s biggest bookstores which holds events such as readings from time to time.

ISOLEE, a design store with a range that includes clothing, cosmetics, glasses and books.

PAPELERIA DEBOD, Madrid’s specialist stationery store with products ranging from luxury writing instruments to paper products.

A TRAVELER’S FACTORY popup section will appear in these six stores from November 26, 2018, and events such as exhibitions and workshops involving TRAVELER’S notebook will be held in the stores. There will also be a stamp tour, with a free gift of original stickers for anyone who visits three of the six stores. Each store will distribute a special TRAVELER’S COMPANY Madrid Map. Created in a collaboration between TRAVELER’S COMPANY and the participating stores, the map features recommended spots to visit with your TRAVELER’S notebook.

Along with original items from TRAVELER’S FACTORY, the popup sections will sell items commemorating the event. Artists who have been inspired to use TRAVELER’S notebook through their visits to the stores in Madrid have contributed some of their art, which has been printed on the covers of special-edition refills. Other commemorative items include refills and stickers with motifs of items in Madrid that have captured the attention of TRAVELER’S.

We look forward to seeing fans with their TRAVELER’S notebooks as Madrid begins decorating for Christmas. More details on the event will be posted on our official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so stay tuned!

TRAVELER’Snotebook refills:
ZETA, Aitor Saraiba, Marta Botas and Javier Zabala

The participating stores have arranged for four Madrid-based artists to create art that has been printed on the covers of special TRAVELER’S notebook refills. From right to left, the special covers feature art by ZETA, a prominent graffiti artist who has worked for many companies around the world; Aitor Saraiba, who has garnered many fans for the unique worldview expressed in his illustrations and objets d’art; Marta Botas, a graphic designer who also teaches at the European Institute of Design; and Javier Zabala, who has published over 80 picture books and has won many awards around the world.

TRAVELER’S notebook refill and sticker-set:
Local Things in Madrid

This refill and stickers are designed with motifs of things you can see in Madrid, including traffic lights, gondolas and the Bear and the Strawberry Tree statue. Letterpress printing is used for the cover of the refill, providing a unique and tasteful texture


TRAVELER’S COMPANY has collaborated with the stores participating in the event to create the TRAVELER’S COMPANY Madrid Map. The map will be handed out at the event venues (see below) and contains recommended spots to visit with your TRAVELER’S notebook. It’s also the perfect size to keep inside yourTRAVELER’S notebook while you walk. There’s no better way to explore Madrid!

Event venues:

Event dates and details

November 26, 2018 (Mon.) – January 6, 2019 (Sun.)
Held at the 6 participating stores (details above)

(While the full range of products varies from store to store, all of the stores will sell the commemorative items for our Spain event.)

November 26, 2018 (Mon.) – January 6, 2019 (Sun.)
(tickets available from November 26 to December 31)

Stamp tickets and stamps available at the 6 participating stores (details above). You’ll receive a stamp for each store where you purchase items. Receive stamps for three stores and you’ll receive a free gift of original stickers.

From November 26, 2018 (Mon.)

Along with the details of the six participating stores, you’ll receive a map showing recommended spots to visit with your TRAVELER’S notebook. (Available while supplies last – numbers are limited!)

Artists works and TRAVELER’S notebook exhibition

November 26 - December 2, 2018

1. MARTA BOTAS’s Works and TRAVELER’S notebooks:
Do Design

2. ZETA’s Works and TRAVELER’S notebooks:


4. AITOR SARAIBA’s Works and TRAVELER’S notebooks:

5. Exhibition 1-10-100 (JAVIER ZABALA+10 Artists+100 TN USERS):

For this exhibition, the participating stores plan to display 100 TRAVELER’S notebooks sent by users on the wall.

Workshops and gatherings

1. TRAVELER’S notebook Users’Gathering at Do Design

Lucia, the store owner; Marta Botas, a graphic designer who created art for the commemorative refill cover; and MUY, our Spanish distributor, will talk about great ways to use the TRAVELER’S notebook. TRAVELER’S staff will also participate.

Date and time: 6:30-8:30pm November 29,2018 (Thu.)
Venue: Do Design

2. TRAVELER’S notebook Workshop with Bárbara Salas at LA FABRICA

BárbaraSalas, a Barcelona-based TRAVELER’S notebook user, will teach you how to have even more fun with your TRAVELER’S notebook. You’ll be able to try outscrap booking techniques with materials such as ink stamps, cards, stickers, postage stamps, dried flowers and the pages of books.

Date and time: 6:30-8:30pm November 30,2018 (Fri.)

3. TRAVELER’S notebook Workshop with Aitor Saraiba at LA CENTRAL

A workshop by Aitor Saraiba, who provided an illustration for one of our commemorative refill covers. True to its name, TRAVELER’S notebook is a way to document your journeys while you’re on the road. Aitor Saraiba will talk about how to express your moods and dreams in your TRAVELER’S notebook through techniques such as collages and illustrations, while providing opportunities for you to try them out.

Date and time: 11:30am-1:30pm December 1 (Sat.), 2018

4. TRAVELER’S notebook Workshop with Javier Zabala at EL MODERNO

A workshop by Javier Zabala, who provided an illustration for one of our commemorative refill covers. Javier will take you for a walk from the event venue at EL MODERNO to his office. Take yourTRAVELER’S notebook with you and learn some of Javier’s own art and expression methods while you admire a variety of scenery.

Date and time: 11:00am-2:00pm December 2, 2018 (Sun.)

Admission Information